Learn How to Survive and Thrive during the Next Financial Crisis.

I'm Randal Lyon, Founder, Personal Finance Educator and Content Creator for Wealth and Growth.

I created this site in response to the growing financial crisis. 


Not to sound like an alarmist, but we have a huge personal finance education crisis unfolding, and the majority of us are NOT even close to being prepared to survive the next few years. 


I am here to help the unprepared, prepare, and turn an uncertain financial future into a future with a focused financial target.


It is common knowledge that carrying the burden of financial stress leads to many mental and physical health problems.

About 70% of North Americans have NO Long Term Financial Plan and DO NOT Follow a Budget!

A Recent Survey Reports 51% of North Americans, had to dip into their Savings in the last 90 days!


About 24% of North Americans were not able to Save at least $500 in the last 90 days, due to job loss or shortcomings of income.


On Global Scale, we are heading into financial crisis not seen since 1929, And it is very obvious the majority of us are not even close to being prepared to survive it.

Financial Survival starts with Having a PLAN!

I offer you this opportunity to join me on a Journey of Personal Finance Education and Self Development,  leading to the ultimate Goal of Financial Freedom.


If improving your Personal Finance IQ is something you want to do, click below to get started.