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wealthandgrowth.com is a financial educational site focusing on introducing my readers to the basics of personal finance and best practices for personal investing.  


My articles are inspired from my experiences and/or gathered from experiences of others that I they will have value for my readers.  


I am NOT a professional financial advisor, you should always seek out professional financial  advice before implementing any investment strategy or idea inspired by my articles.  



If you are trying to figure out what books to read, what channels to follow, how to self manage your investment portfolio, you have come to the right place.



In my opinion, this should be taught in High School.  Instead we head into the real world with little or no idea how to manage personal finances or plan for our futures.  We have progressed only slightly since the days of “Here is a sharp stick, go into the forest and hunt for your supper.  Don’t get killed, see you in a few hours”.  But not by much. Most of our parents do not have this knowledge to pass along either.  If they do, you are in lucky minority.  



I had to figure out these things out mostly on my own. School of hard knocks we call it. Over my many years I have learned many do’s and a lot more don’ts when it comes to finance and investing.  This blog is my attempt to educate others and provide a “short cut” to meaningful information. And hopefully avoid many of the mistakes I have made. 



I hope my readers find my content valuable. 




Randal Lyon

Digital Entrepreneur
Blog developer and Content Creator
Founder – Brand Fifty One Digital Marketing
Technology Expert
Self taught Day Trader
Investment Strategy Enthusiast (not a professional)
Motorcycle and Automotive Enthusiast   

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