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About is a financial educational site focusing on introducing my readers to the basics of credit, personal finance, personal investing and touching on personal development (as it pertains to your finance freedom journey).  


To be absolutely clear…I am NOT a professional financial advisor, you should always seek out professional financial advice before implementing any strategy or idea inspired by my articles.  


Always practice due diligence when taking advice from the internet, and my information is no different, do your research, not all ideas presented here will be the best for your individual circumstances. 

What is this site about?

My hope is to shorten your learning curve and get you on the financial freedom path with laser sharp focus of your goals.  The worst mistake you can make in life, is to wait to get your financial act together.  

Here is a piece of advice I wish someone would have drilled into my head in my 20’s. The earlier your start practicing good financial habits the better your future life will be.  It’s a real thing, and very very important!   Don’t under estimate this statement.   It’s life changing in fact.   

Why another blog about personal finance?

There are a lot of blogs and online information to be sure.  When looking for simple answers, it seems to take forever to find that little nugget of information.  My main focus for this site is to take complex financial ideas and present them in a simple way, easy to digest and simple to put into practice. (…after consulting your financial expert of course.) 


In my opinion, this should be taught in High School.  Instead we head into the real world with little or no idea how to manage personal finances or plan for our futures.  We have progressed only slightly since the days of “Here is a sharp stick, go into the forest and hunt for your supper.  Don’t get killed, see you in a few hours, but not by much. 


Most of our parents do not have this knowledge to pass along either.  If they do, you are in the lucky minority.  I had to figure out these things, mostly on my own.  I graduated with scares from the “school of hard knocks”.  

Don’t know where to start?

Information overload is a myth. What you are experiencing is lack of confidence to pick an idea and put it into action.  Just start!   Some of it seems boring, and much of the information out there doesn’t apply to you.  I very much get that.  So armed with ideas and rough plans, get yourself a financial mentor and advisor.  A very important step in your financial journey.   Discuss your ideas with them.  Create some financial goals and start putting good financial habits into place. 

Next step, start asking questions and learning.  

But where to start? Is there a short cut?

Finding good, relevant information is a challenge for sure.  So many guru’s trying to sell books, but so many of them, don’t seem to ever offer real meaningful help for everyday situations like yours.  Just pages of theories and history, when all you really want is simple answers to your questions. 

Helping you discover a personal financial short cut, I hate the term life hack, but whatever you want to call it, is the purpose of this site.   

Please feel free to contact me to share your thoughts, experiences or to discuss any article or post on this site.   

Kind Regards, 


Randal “watch for the bears” Lyon

Founder – Wealth & Growth

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