8 Things you will Learn in this Post.  

1) How does a person create abundance of wealth, success and happiness? We have some actionable ideas. 



2) Stop blaming others, take personal responsibility for your past, present and future. Life is hard, suck it up, move forward.  Just good advice. 


3) Chances are good your perspective is completely backwards if you are asking questions about getting rich quick.  We ask the right questions.


4) You have probably concluded the old way of thinking, “get a good education, get a good paying job, stuff money into a pension fund and retire happily ever after” is no longer a valid option.   We have a MODERN strategy to consider?


5) What is Financial Freedom?  Can anyone reach this goal?  


6) Work on yourself, developing all the business owner skills you need to to be the best you can in your industry.  What are the key skills?



7) With the emerging digital economy, a person now has many options to create multiple streams of income.  



8) So really, What is the “Key to success?”  You will have to read the entire post to learn the secret.    Or skip to the end if you like to cheat. 




The secret to being a highly successful person and living a life with abundance revealed!! (How not to be “poor”)


It’s probably not what you think. It’s really very simple, but we humans like to make everything overly complicated and get in our own way of creating a better life for ourselves and family.  



Read to the end, I will reveal the secret.  Professional Athletes know about it, Successful Musicians know about it, Celebrities know it too and of course the elite 3% know this secret.  So what are the other 97% missing?



Many of us desire to live life with abundance.   Some of us think that means “great wealth”.    The word at its root meaning is;  to have large amounts of something. Plentiful.



Most of us live our lives with the mindset of seeing limits not possibilities.  

We blame others, past events, our childhood, parents, the government, the economy, everyone else.  



We live in this fantasy place of “if only”.   If only I had a better job, if only I was paid more, if only I was born into wealth, if only I lived in a better country, if only the economy was better, if only the timing was better.   Then my life would be amazing and I would be happy. We ask “how not to be poor”.







All about Perspective. Change your focus to finding financial freedom! 


We need to change our thinking, from “How to get rich quick” to a more realistic perspective, and start seeking out how to become “Financially Free” 


“Financial Freedom”, is the idea that when one has multiple sources of income, and often much of it “passive income” that covers all the essential expenses. 



 Complete Financial Freedom suggests this includes enough money to buy anything you want within reason. (It is a valid argument to say no income is 100% passive, as some maintenance and management is always required) 

For Example, if you need a new appliance or car, you have enough financial resources that this purchase will place no burden on you.   This term also has a goal attached to it.  To be without financial burden.  When that is achieved, you are free financially.



While you might not be super wealthy, or have an abundance of cash, but if you work at it, you can have good income from multiple sources that take care of all your financial requirements.



To be clear, reaching Financial Freedom is not the final destination, it is just a milestone along your personal wealth journey.   And it’s completely different for everyone.  Which is why it is impossible to quantify what that amount is.  It’s a very personal milestone.






Traditional strategies of wealth building.


 1) A common strategy to building wealth is the old fashion “boomer” strategy, work for it, and save and save.



 The concept is that you get a decent education or trade, get a good paying career, and then become very disciplined, save a fixed amount of your monthly income into good investments. And in 40 years, you should have enough to pay the bills when you retire.    



And it’s a long boring road to retirement, some don’t even make it to the end to enjoy it.   Clearly this strategy is no longer working for a long list of reasons. For some crazy reason this ideology is still being taught to our children.



 2) Another common strategy of building wealth is by building a successful business, growing it, and then selling it for a fortune, sometimes a large fortune.   



This method is more achievable by the average person, and usually quicker than the “boomer” strategy.  Sounds simple enough… but the truth is, business success is about being in the right place with the right idea at the right time.



Sounds more like luck doesn’t it.  And you would be right.  Being a business owner is very risky, a huge percentage of businesses fail. Some individuals fail over and over, with nothing to show for their hard work come retirement time.




Yes, hard work is involved, but that’s not the secret. 


 Business success is more often just success by accident.  Dumb luck!  This is part of the secret.   Luck?!  Really?    Yes, let me explain.



You can change luck to be in your favor, (not so random) meaning you can have luck find you more often.   No, not through prayers, (it doesn’t hurt but I have zero evidence it helps either), Not by cheating, Not through affirmation and vision boards. 



It’s pretty obvious really.  The overarching concept is, as a business owner, (once you become profitable) you pay yourself better than a 9-5 job, with that extra money, you invest wisely.



Perhaps stack on some wealth building through real estate, but for sure a stock portfolio and often both.   Remember,  the purpose of building your business is to grow your wealth. 



The goal of this strategy is to set yourself up to WIN the “Dumb Luck Lottery” when you sell your business.  The theory is, if you place yourself in front of the dumb luck bus enough times, eventually it will hit you. 



As they saying goes; “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.”





You ask; Should I become an Entrepreneur and a Business Owner then?


Maybe, or Maybe not?   It’s not for everyone.  Being an “Traditional Brick and Mortar” business owner is tough.  



Especially in the current economic climate. Chances of failure have increased to 99%. (in my estimation).   You are doomed before you begin.  So why even try?



A solid option to consider is becoming a Digital Entrepreneur.  This business has a much lower barrier to entry, less to risk.  Making it a great place to learn, and test your skills as an entrepreneur. 



The Digital Economy is a great place to plant your flag and start a business. And remember, The Top 2 of the richest men in the world, both were digital entrepreneur’s.



1) Elon Musk – Founder of Zip2, (Sold for $307M at age 27), Co-Founder of X.com, which became PayPal (Sold his stock for $180M) Later reinvested some of his wealth into a start-up called Tesla, then took control of the company.  And now has a Net Worth of $236B (2021).


 2) Jeff Bezos – Founder of Amazon. Started by selling books online, perfected the online sales funnel and shopping cart, and the rest is history. Net Worth of $193B (2021)


Starting any business is very risky.  It can offer rewards many times over the initial investment.  Many think it’s well worth the risk. Just ask those two guys above.  




What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?   How can I reduce my Risk?  (These are exactly the right questions you should be asking).


 A very important part creating personal success, business success, and creating  abundance  is developing a few special skills, maybe I should call them super-powers. But the most important one is…


Drum roll please…..


The super power of “discipline”,  “self-discipline”, “consistent self-discipline”,  aka ; a very good and consistent work ethic.  

Really that is it!  This is the holy grail and common thread to creating wealth and abundance.  The ability to get it done!



Working everyday, with consistent self-discipline towards your goals.  Always having a target (milestone) to aim at. 


Another key ingredient is having a real purpose in life.   A deep down raw desire to make a thing happen.  Many Gurus have touched on goal setting, setting targets, which are mostly impossible to keep track of and actually do. 



You have to go deeper and find your Purpose, Sometimes called your “Why”.  



This is one of the important takeaways here.   Having a real purpose in life, has the interesting side effect of the much sought after “finding real happiness and self-satisfaction.   



It’s pretty great to have something to get up to, something you enjoy doing, this deep rooted need to do your own thing will help you power through the tough times.  



Oh, and there will be some tough times.  Some call those learning opportunities.   Real life sucks, so figure it out and get to work, only you can make this happen. 







Here is the summary to a successful life. The Fire and Fuel Formula. 

  • Find a meaningful purpose in life.  (The fire)
  • Work with consistent self-discipline. (The fuel)
  • Make yourself lucky, and sell your business when it’s doing well. (Get hit with Dumb Luck)
  • Invest Wisely from the proceeds of this endeavor. (Put your money back to work)
  • Add to your self managed portfolio, explore other passions you can monetize. (Expand your Empire)
  • Rinse and repeat, build multiple streams of income.  
  • Create Multiple Sources of Income (a few side hustles), Plan For Retirement. Live well within your means, invest like your (quality of) life depends upon it. Because it does.


The Don’ts – what will kill your chances of success.


  • Always looking for the next get rich quick scheme. (Lack of making a decision) 
  • Giving up too easily. 



  • Also knowing when to give up! Sometimes you just need to start over. Not every idea you have will be a winner. Most will be losers in fact. Cut your losses and move on. But a failure is still a lesson learned.


  • Think you can be lazy and find success. (It’s a social media myth and freaking nonsense.)



  • Lack of Self Confidence. Life is a Bitch. It will knock you down. Try building your self confidence with a Daily Ritual. Standing up straight, shoulders back and head up. Face the World Head on.



  • Bad Health Habits – An obvious one. Yes we all have them, work at getting rid of one every six weeks.



  • LACK of self discipline. It’s very important to understand that you can never stop being disciplined, never stop finding new passions and creating new opportunities for yourself.  



  • This is the root life philosophy of successful individuals.   This fundamental shift in thinking becomes the fuel that helps you reach your life of abundance, or at least finding financial freedom.



  • Just like the Celebrities, Super Star Athletes and Business Tycoons you admire, you now know the exact same “Secret to the Success”.



  • Don’t quit your day job just yet. Start off with a side Hustle.   Below is a great one to get your feet wet.  



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Article by:  Randal L.
Article by: Randal L.

Randal L. is Personal Finance Blogger. His interests include Day Trading, Investing Strategies and Technology. His other passion is Riding his Classic BMW or Indian Scout Motorcycles through the local Wine Country, near his home in Kelowna, BC, Canada.

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