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Randal Lyon is a Personal Finance Educator and Blogger at WealthandGrowth.com. His other great passion is Riding his Indian Scout Motorcycle through the local Wine Country near his home in Kelowna, BC, Canada. 

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Who is Randal Lyon?

(By Randal Lyon)

I have had many roles in the Technology Sector, including CEO, CFO, GM and Consulting. Those roles taught me a great deal of how small businesses operate and what it takes to be successful in business.   I also had to learn accounting practices, and how to manage vendors, customers, contractors and employees. 

Financial Management was something I enjoyed, as was creating a business from nothing, aka being a start-up entrepreneur. Along the way I learned many other skills as well, Education Services for Adults, Hardware and Software Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses and Business Consulting Services. 

These were all complex business segments. I was responsible for them all in some form, and for the employees, students, customers and results.  And of course the cash flow. 

It was difficult and rewarding, scary and joyful, and sometimes all that at the same time.  What a ride.


I also spent years learning about Self Managed Investing, Stock Trading, Forex Trading, Crypto Trading, World Macro-Economics, Business Micro-Economics, online business, making money online, developing websites, copywriting, creating and editing content … well you get the idea. 

Yes I am a bit of a technology, business and finance nerd. 

About WealthandGrowth.com

With a strong interest in technology and creating businesses, and a desire to put something back into the World.  Interestingly, this led me full circle to developing an educational blog about helping others with personal finances and ultimately to to help them create life changing wealth.  WealthandGrowth.com was Created. 


The domain has been around for a few years, I used it as a site to teach my self Website development, SEO strategies and pretty much everything an individual needs to build a Successful Blog. 


And now, WealthandGrowth.com is launched as a Financial Educational Blog. 


I do hope you find this a helpful online resource.  I look forward to researching great content ideas and developing them into helpful blog posts for you. 


Randal Lyon