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Investing Strategy Research

I do the hard research on Various Investing Strategies.  This Series is for the Self Investor types.  I an not a licensed expert, but have years of experience Day Trading and Learning How to Trade.  I do it because it’s kind of my JAM.  

I actually love this stuff.

Credit Information and Repair

I will explain how CREDIT works, and HOW TO improve your SCORE.

When we think of Credit, we think Cards, I will explore how which are the best credit cards.  And there are other types of credit available to you. Including Monthly Debt Reduction and Refinancing loans and much more. 

Retirement Plan B

What is Retirement Plan B? Imagine you are over 60, No Pension, No Retirement Savings and No Income other than your Government Pension Plan.  What do you do then?  I have some suggestions. Consider these work from home ideas to help pay the bills and maybe even help you find Financial Freedom. 

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